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It’s a warm and pleasant Friday evening in downtown Marietta. The sidewalks are filled with couples holding hands, friends laughing and families pushing strollers; all unwinding after a long week of work and enjoying the sights and sounds of small town Ohio. The brick buildings along Front Street are bathed with the warm evening glow of the setting sun and a barge loaded down with coal airs its horn to announce its presence as it continues pushing north up the Ohio River. Across the street near the levee, a local band is playing for a lively audience who are also enjoying some hand-dipped ice cream to go along with along with the evenings entertainment. Looking up the river, a full moon is just starting to rise up over the horizon and will soon be glimmering and sparkling in the ripples of the Ohio.
Its is nights such as those just described that inspire me to capture the sights and scenes around Marietta just before and after the sun has faded from the sky. Watching the moon rise over the river on a summer evening and seeing the flurry of activity on the streets at twilight is a favorite pastime of mine. It is my hope and goal to capture and convey that feeling in my photography of Marietta at night. Even after the crowd has gone home, I enjoy taking photos of familiar Marietta landmarks well after the sun has set. Night photography allows us a view of the places we are so familiar with but in a different, and sometimes surreal light. It can turn the ordinary into something much more exciting and pleasing to behold.
I discovered my joy of photography soon after my first child was born. It soon became apparent that the pitiable, point-and-shoot, 35mm camera I owned at the time was just not cutting it for what I desired to see in the final image. Soon I purchased my first SLR camera, a used 35mm Pentax PZ1P, from a relative and from that point on there was no looking back. I was hooked for life.
My crossover from film to digital took a little while but once I did, a whole new world of ideas and pursuits opened up. I eagerly devoured as many photography books as I could get my hands on. Thankfully, with the instant results available from going digital, the learning curve became much more manageable and the once foreign photographer jargon started making sense. It is quite apparent though, from viewing the work of other photographers out there that I still have much to learn. It is humbling but yet still very exciting know that the learning and honing of my skills continues. The digital age as well, allows for endless and exciting corridors for artistic expression. I have only just begun.
I hope you enjoy my work thus far and are interested enough to look for my photographs in the future.

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